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mitsuwa chashu mini review

My wife pointed this out to me while we were at Mitsuwa Supermarket today, stocking up on ramen, snacks, and canned coffee (20% off everything this weekend! woohoo!). At $9.99/lb, that’s more expensive than some high quality steaks I’ve seen! I was excited to try this out. I took my first bite of the chashu right out of the box,… Read more →

hakata ikkousha ramen

hakata ikkousha ramen – costa mesa, ca

Popular Japanese ramen chains have been slowly breaking into the American market and recently Hakata Ikkousha has joined in with with the soft-opening of their award-winning hakata ramen. They offer 5 types of tonkotsu ramen…a standard tonkotsu, shio (salt) tonkotsu, black tonkotsu (with fried garlic), miso tonkotsu, and the fearsome-sounding “god fire” with 4 levels of spiciness. Similar to Shinsengumi,… Read more →

ramen yamadaya

ramen rating: ramen yamadaya – costa mesa, ca

“The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!” That was my reaction when I found out that Ramen Yamadaya finally opened in Costa Mesa. The renowned ramen shop opened its first store in Torrance almost a year and a half ago and is already on its 4th location, finally, in Orange County. Set in a generic strip mall,… Read more →

ramen kagetora

ramen rating: ramen kagetora – costa mesa, ca

Ramen Kagetora makes its debut appearance at Mitsuwa’s Hokkaido Fair this week with two types of miso ramen. Count me in! Kagetora’s miso is made with 3 kinds of miso paste, but wanting something stronger-flavored, I opted for the karamiso (spicy miso) ramen. The mildly spicy soup was tasty. The smooth and mildly sweet miso was creamy and the spiciness… Read more →