They’re doing it again! A few weeks ago, Santouka Ramen offered a special toromi shoyu ramen, limited to 20 bowls a day. Now they’re back with another special ramen, also limited to 20 bowls a day, and limited only to the Costa Mesa store for their 20th anniversary. This time, the ramen appears to be a miso base, and is called the Awase Aji Ramen.

I’m not sure if this is a cool new trend, or a marketing scheme gone berserk. Either way, if the ramen is good, I’ll keep coming back for more!

The special is happening this weekend, Friday 3/27 through Monday 3/30 and only at the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa.

6 thoughts on “ramen alert…ramen alert…ramen alert…”

  1. Awase miso aji is mixed red and white miso flavor? Damn, this sounds good. Why can’t it be the Santa Monica location?

  2. Surprise! I made it down there today. It was their Miso, Shio, and Shoyu mixed together with some fish powder. Hence “awase”. It was pretty good! Definitely interesting.

  3. @Brian: I agree. I just hope they don’t go too crazy with it. It’s nerve-wracking to have to get up early on a weekend and not even know if I’m going to get there in time to try the special ramen!

    @radiusedcorner: I’m sure sooner or later they’re going to have one that’s available in SD only. Then it’ll be our turn to cry. Haha

    @Dan: you LA county folks seem to always get more goodies than us OC peons. I guess it’s finally our turn! 😉

    @Keizo: No, I’ve learned to not be surprised by you when it comes to ramen. Hahaha

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