ramen final four - sweet sixteen

Top Ramen Oriental vs Maruchan Roast Chicken

Round 1…fight!

Maruchan gets the early advantage, confounding Top Ramen by asking them the age old question: just what *is* “oriental” flavor? While Top Ramen Oriental fumbles with an answer and plays a defensive game with their slightly watery, and mildly shoyu-esque-but-not-really flavor, Maruchan Roast Chicken jumps ahead with its “dark roast” chicken soup taste. Top Ramen Oriental battles with their taste of dried onion powder and 3mm specks of green onion but just can’t catch a break with their just-average performance. Maruchan Roast Chicken wins this round!

Maruchan Chicken vs Top Ramen Beef

It’s Maruchan vs Top Ramen again! Top Ramen tries to gain an early advantage with an MSG bite on the tip of the tongue, but Maruchan Chicken just scoffs it off. However, neither team is playing particularly well. Top Ramen Beef’s soup is not particularly beefy, tasting more like their Oriental flavor with just a dash of added beef flavor. Maruchan Chicken, on the other hand, runs circles around Top Ramen, sprinkling celery and curry powder around them for some reason. Top Ramen just can’t handle it. Maruchan wins again!

Losing team scores:
Top Ramen Oriental: 5/10
Top Ramen Beef: 4/10

Feel like you walked into the middle of the tournament? Missing something? How did you get here? Start at the beginning!

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