mitsuwaMitsuwa supermarket has a “tasty stuff” gourmet food fair starting this week in select locations, and they have…you guessed it: special ramen guests.

Torrance and New Jersey get a special visit from Nantsuttei, bringing their tonkotsu mayu (pork bone sesame oil) ramen “simmered for 24 hours and features rich, creamy and no distinct strong smell of tonkotsu.”
Torrance: Thurs 10/28 to Sunday 10/31
New Jersey: Thurs 11/4 to Sunday 11/7

Nidaime Tsujita makes an appearance at the Costa mesa store with their tsukemen, filled, apparently, with chashu in “their special “soup” made by selected pork bones, chicken s bones, sea foods, vegetables and other over 10 kinds of ingredients.”
Costa Mesa: Thurs 10/28 to Sunday 11/7

More details at Mitsuwa’s web site.

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