ramen kagetora
Ramen Kagetora makes its debut appearance at Mitsuwa’s Hokkaido Fair this week with two types of miso ramen. Count me in!

ramen kagetora
Kagetora’s miso is made with 3 kinds of miso paste, but wanting something stronger-flavored, I opted for the karamiso (spicy miso) ramen.

ramen kagetora
The mildly spicy soup was tasty. The smooth and mildly sweet miso was creamy and the spiciness added just the right amount of kick.

ramen kagetora
The noodles were very chewy and starchy…they weren’t very exciting and the denseness was a bit distracting, but they were otherwise decent.

ramen kagetora
The star of this show was the chashu. The chashu was thinly-sliced, extremely soft, very fatty, and delicious! It was missing something though…what could it be? What could it be…oh, yeah: it was missing a second slice. Really? Only one slice? Sigh. It’s really too bad you only get one slice.

Kagetora is in Costa Mesa for just one more day, but it heads to New Jersey next week. I’ll be looking forward to their return.

Ramen Kagetora’s karamiso ramen gets a respectable 7 out of 10.

Ramen Kagetora
(inside Mitsuwa Supermarket)
665 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 434-1101

Cash only.

2 thoughts on “ramen rating: ramen kagetora – costa mesa, ca”

  1. Hey Ed, I totally agree with you with the chashu, one slice was such a tease, haha. I felt I should’ve gone for the spicy miso like you did but good miso ramen is hard to come by and I still enjoyed my bowl a lot. Don’t think I can make it to torrance this time.

  2. @Dennis, you should’ve seen me. After that first slice of chashu, I started digging around frantically looking for that 2nd slice…sigh…

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