The Ramen Burger made their West Coast debut at the Torrance Mitsuwa today starting at 11am. My group arrived around 9:45 and ended up being around the 260th place in line. After a very long wait, we managed to get our burgers a little before 1:30pm.

So how was it? It was great! The burger was well seasoned, and chef Keizo Shimamoto’s “secret shoyu sauce” puts a nice spin on the typical burger flavor. The patty was just a tad dry for my taste, but I like my burgers on the rarer side.

The ramen “bun,” with noodles made by Sun Noodle, then crafted into a bun by Keizo, was my favorite part. It had a great flavor, and a nice chewy texture. It holds its shape, and really blends well with the taste of the patty and toppings. I’d really be curious how the “bun” holds up in a bowl of actual ramen soup.

Those of you who missed out today have another chance tomorrow at the Osawa ShabuShabu Sushi restaurant in Pasadena. Tomorrow’s event starts at 11am, and if the crowd is anything like it was at today’s event, you’d be wise to get there well before 10am. Burgers are $8 each and are limited to the first 300 customers.

Osawa ShabuShabu Sushi
77 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, California 91103
Tel: (626) 683-1150

9/9/13 Correction: ramen “bun” info clarified.

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