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Our ramen merchandise empire is expanding…soon, we’ll be rich! Muah-ha-ha-ha! Sorry, did I say that out loud? Let everyone know how ramen-crazy you are. Wear a lapel pin! Carry your keys on a ramen keytag! Stick a ramen magnet on your fridge or cubicle wall! All items are available in shoyu and tonkotsu “flavors.” Buy one! Buy them all! Let the world know about your unhealthy obsession with ramen!

(Actually, we did a poor job with the picture. The magnets are actually a bit larger than the pins, and the keytags are about the same size as the pins.)

Everything is just $8.95 ea. plus $1 shipping if you’re ordering one item ($2 shipping for 2 or more items). Such a deal. Such a steal.

(Shipping rates are for U.S. orders only. International shipping is a bit more and will be calculated when you add items to your shopping cart.)

shoyu ramen pintonkotsu ramen pin

shoyu ramen pintonkotsu ramen pin

shoyu ramen pintonkotsu ramen pin

Note: Our shopping cart is handled by PayPal but you don’t need a PayPal account to buy; all you need is a credit card.

If you have any questions about ordering or about an order you’ve already placed, please let us know.

Thank you!

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