kouraku ramen
drove all the way up to little tokyo for this. our first choice was daikokuya, which got rave reviews on assorted web sites, but unfortunately it’s closed temporarily on sundays. we ordered the shoyu ramen with a half order of chahan (fried rice), and an order of gyoza. the atmosphere was ok…nothing really special. the ramen was not bad, but not great. not as good as ebisu in huntington beach, that’s for sure. the noodles were decent and chewy, but the soup was flat. not bland, just very one-dimensional. the fried rice was pretty yummy, with tiny pieces of meat. the gyoza was very boring.
the ramen gets a 6. fried rice gets an 8. the gyoza gets a 5.

Kouraku Restaurant
314 E. 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA

7 thoughts on “ramen rating: kouraku – los angeles, ca”

  1. The “tiny pieces of meat” would be called “PORK” my friend and this place is MONEY. Food is crazy affordable, service is faster than your snap judgements, the atmosphere is your rugged ass trendy, cool, non-sterile, white-folk venue, with old school red leather seats and funny ass waitresses. I don’t know where you be going but you need to check that huntington beach bitch crap and take yo ass on over to a steak house where they serve lamb and mashed tators. And nobody needs to be hearing yo white ass saying gyoza like “GYOZER”, F-ING POSER. You need to take your daddies money and bring it on over to Spagos bitch…. pleeeease. This place is a down and dirty japanese food on the run and gun joint for those people that know real japanese food and know they need it now even in the late hours of the night even if they have to drive they ass aaaaaaalll the way over from Fontana wit yo white ass.

    This article gets a shit out of 10 and you get a “GYOZER MOTHER PUCKER”.

    And CutieWu needs to stick with her DIM-SOM and her SHRIMP-FRIEND-DOG. And who the f-ck writes in a Ramen Blog?

    LIFE. It’s what you live but it’s also what ya need to GET.

    RICK JAMES BITCH!!! I’m out…

  2. I totally agree with Ryosuke!!! I go to Kouraku all the time cuz it’s cheap, open late, and of course cuz it’s soooo good!!! The gyoza is like the best i’ve ever had and all the food gets a 10 out of 10!!!! People never know what they’re talking about…..people like this shouldn’t have a blog….ridiculous…

    1. “i go here all the time cuz its cheap and open late..” hey chowda: so it mcdonalds.

      you know its actually really helpful when the first thing i read in a review is about how cheap the place is. this lets me know right away to disregard completely whatever else the person has to say so thank you.

  3. Wow, Kouraku sure has some…um…vocal fans. Well, it’s been 3 years since I reviewed it, so maybe things have improved. I’d be curious to know what you Kouraku fans think of Daikokuya across the street.

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