This is different. Hirauchimen to dashisyoyu…flat-made noodles with pork bone shoyu soup…more or less. (Trivia: the kanji for pork in Japanese is the kanji for dolphin in Chinese!) This was pretty good! It doesn’t taste like a “typical” ramen. The noodles are flat and chewy and the soup is pretty tasty and rich. There’s a lot of goodies including little bits of pork meat (like miniature meat–err–cubes…), some bamboo, and lots and lots of spring onions. I’m not sure I’d rate this as a ramen because it’s a little different than the “typical” japanese ramen but it’s good enough to get an 8.

One thought on “ramen rating: hirauchimen”

  1. “??” means dolphin in Japanese, and I think in Chinese too. “?” alone never mean dolphin in any kanji using countries.

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