sorry i don’t have a picture. and actually, the last time i went to ezo was over a year or two ago. this is the ezo noodle cafe in irvine, at the tustin marketplace. so why am i rating it? because it’s the worst ramen i’ve ever had. it’s even worse than most instant ramen i’ve had. the staff is very friendly, but the food is just so bland. admitedly, i’ve never had their signature miso ramen. i’ve only had the chashu ramen twice (twice because i wanted to be sure it was that bad). the soup is bland. the noodles are soggy. it’s just tasteless. i’ve had their fried rice a few times. it’s also bland, but with a *ton* of black pepper, it’s salvageable. the ramen gets a 3…just in case i come across something worse. the fried rice gets a 4.

Ezo Noodle Cafe
13256 Jamboree Rd
Irvine, CA 92602
(714) 544-5075

5 thoughts on “ramen rating: ezo noodle cafe – irvine, ca (closed)”

  1. I don’t think this is a fair rating given that this was a year ago, and you didn’t even try the Miso Ramen.

    Since I was a poor college student when I worked there, they used to give me free meals. And 80% of the time I used to get their ramen because it tasted that much better than what I was used to. I tend to hate eating the same thing over and over, but their ramen was high quality in my opinion. Maybe it was different from when you ate it, but it defintely was good food when I was there.

    While it will never surpass Daikokya or the likes of Shinsengumi, you have to take into account that its a fast casual restaurant, and they’re trying to serve the needs of non ramen fans as well (by providing rice dishes with teriyaki chicken or tonkatsu).

    Plus the owner provides very generous discounts. You can order a ramen, gyoza, and drink for about $7, a very good deal in my opinion in comparison to other places where you’d probably pay $7 just for the ramen, and also have to pitch in tip.

    While I applaud you on your volume of reviews, the quality of is very subpar at best. While you’re entitled to your own opinions, I think that more time and consideration should go into writing each one.

  2. i totally disagree with al…..ezo noodle cafe is really really bad!! i tried their ramen and fried rice once and i would never go back to that place again, not even if they offer me free foods…..everyone i know who tried ezo all hated their foods…..

  3. I don’t get the negative comments, I really like Ezo Noodle.

    The curry ramen is delicious.

  4. @brandon: I’m glad you like it. Seriously. I have nothing against personal against Ezo, I just don’t think it’s any good, but hey, everyone’s got different tastes. I do recommend you try some of the other more highly regarded ramenyas or even instant ramen. You might be pleasantly surprised…or maybe not. 😉

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