This is the shio version of the last Maruchan semi-fresh noodles I had a few days ago. The noodles are the same skinny but good and chewy ones. The soup is a light and clear shio flavor. Not particularly exciting to me, but if you like shio, it’s decent, like eating noodles in a bowl of fresh sea water (not as bad as it might sound!). Overall it gets a 7.

2 thoughts on “ramen rating: maruchan shio”

  1. I love the consistancy of the ramen noodles and the soup (Shio is a salt based soup and its commonly flavored with seafood) is strong if you use the whole packet or not enough water. Usually to get the soup how I prefer it I try to just use 1/2 until the noodles are added. In any event I happily finished the package within a few meals. The problem I found is in the ingredients: Why is there ETHYL ALCOHOL in both the soup and the noodles?

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