ramen cooker
Ramen lover superlocal sent me this picture of a square cooker apparently designed specifically for instant ramen! What a great idea!

7 thoughts on “square instant ramen cooker”

  1. i can only guess that these might be available at korean markets. i think the blogger who sent this to me is based in south korea.

  2. What I’d like to find is the microwave equivalent of this for doing ramen noodles at work. I’ve melted several cheap plastic square containers trying this. Something heavier, square, non-melting and resistant to that surface blemishing that happens in microwaves.

  3. @Bigguysez: I wonder if you could just get a ceramic bowl. Fill it with water and boil it, then drop your noodles in and cover for a few minutes. Or maybe cook the noodles with the water.

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