daikoku chigekara ramen
daikoku chigekara ramen
This spicy miso-based ramen comes with your basic green onions and sesame seeds and that’s about it. It’s got a pretty generic spicy soup broth that reminds me a bit of Korean ramyun, but that’s about it. The noodles are hard (cook it for an extra minute or 2 because 3 minutes is not enough and have a taste I can only describe as “instant noodle-like,” and that’s about it. And that’s about it for my review! Daikoku chigekara ramen gets a mediocre 5.

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  1. I spent 13 months in South Korea thanks to Uncle Sam and LOVED their version of ramen. I honestly didn’t realize it was a Japanese dish until this past year when I first saw Naruto on tv. Granted, it’s not “original” but the Korean version is really good, in my opinion. I just would like to find a recipe for the cheesey, spicy ramen they made in the KATUSA snack bar. If anyone could help me in this, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

    1. I went through the same search after returning from Korea in 2002. The best match that I found to the “Double cheesy Ramyun” seved at the Camp Page KSB is Nongshim Shin Ramen/Ramyun, here is a link at HMart


      A few of the local King Soopers in the Denver area actually sell this in their Asian section. To make it, follow the directions adding a raw egg just before the noodles and packets, and two slices of cheese just before chowing down.

      Good luck!!

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