Three years ago today, ramenramenramen burst forth from our ramen bowl and onto the interwebs to share our love of ramen with you. To celebrate, we’ve completely remodeled our site and added new features!

If you’re new to the site, please click on our site guide for some explanation about how specific features work.

Let us know what you think! We love feedback, both good and bad. Like what you see? Disagree about something that we’ve said? Leave us a comment on a post and let us know! Prefer to send a private message? Simply click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page or on the right sidebar to send us a message.

A big thank you to all our loyal readers and fellow ramen fans!

And don’t forget to vote on whether or not you like the new look. The poll is on the right sidebar, below the Categories section.

P.S. If we managed to break anything with the remodeled web site, please let us know. Thanks!

10:10am: Wow, that was fast…apparently Internet Explorer doesn’t like our fancy new random-header-picture feature…the one that works with every other freaking browser we’ve tested. While we work on a fix, if you see a great big blank area in the header where the picture is supposed to be, just imagine a close-up of the lushiest, tastiest bowl of ramen you’ve ever seen, and picture it right there. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “happy birthday to us!”

  1. New site looks great, but the old header pic was more drool-worthy…but that’s just me. Everything else is set up nicely.

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