cup noodles shrimp flavor
Have you read our review of Cup Noodles Souper Meal Beef Minestrone? If you have, there’s not much more to add. Like the Beef Flavor Minestrone version of the Souper Meal, this shrimp (with tomato and garlic flavor) is basically an over-sized Cup Noodles. The big difference between this flavor and the beef flavor is that the soup on the shrimp flavor tastes more like a mild chicken soup than beef stock. There’s the requisite peas, corn, little carrot pieces, and I think I counted 2 miniature shrimp. There’s not much to make this particular flavor stand out from the other Cup Noodles varieties, and there’s disappointingly little shrimp, tomato, nor garlic flavor.

It’s Cup Noodles. It’s not bad. It’s not great. It gets a 6.

cup noodles shrimp flavor

3 thoughts on “ramen rating: cup noodles souper meal shrimp”

  1. He/she just had the wrong one….try the chicken flavor…and boil the water first then put in the microwave….it’s a whole lot better that way 🙂

    ENJOY 😀

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