ramen bootiesStart your infant’s life of ramen happiness right, with this pair of baby booties, made from recycled shrimp ramen packaging.

Interested in non-Japanese versions of ramen? Here’s the low-down on 7 types of Korean ramyeon.

According to a recent survey, what is the #1 thing Japanese men would wait in line for? Why, ramen, of course. (It’s even #2 on the women’s list!)

Convinced that instant ramen is bad for you?, Here’s one person’s defense of instant ramen.

Best title for a ramen post ever: Ramen Noodles: The International Symbol of Struggle.

Ramen in the news: Top 7 restaurants for big portions in Southern California, Chicago Restaurant focuses on Japanese soup

UK ramen chain Wagamama is expanding their ramen empire…in Turkey of all places!

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