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Korea seems to be having a lot of problems with ramen recently. On one hand, Korea Beat is reporting that some Korean schools are banning ramen in the fight against childhood obesity and malnutrition. But then again, the Chosun Ilbo Korean newspaper reported that people are panic-buying ramen in bulk because of rising prices. Just about every food product is suffering from higher prices, and ramen is no exception. Prices for flour and other ingredient have skyrocketed recently.

But still…is it really necessary to stockpile and/or ban instant ramen? What do you think?

3 thoughts on “korea in ramen news”

  1. Ramen often times has been an inferior goods. So, it is natural phenomena to purchase such bulk of Ramen due to downturn economy. I personally disagree with government regulation in the fight to reduce childhood obesity, because I believe it is unnecessary.   

  2. You people realize how BAD ramen is for one’s health? Take a peek at the Korean Ramen’s nutrition fact, although sodium and cholesterol may not look at bad, on the top the serving size is written as 1/3. So if you REALLY want to know the actual nutrition you are intaking from ONE WHOLE ramen, all you gotta do is multiply all the numbers by 3 and there you have it. See how BAD that it? Thats about over 3000 mg of sodium!!!!

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