Boy, do I have a lot of ramen to eat before I catch up…i-ramen has info, quick facts, pictures, and videos on almost 4000 instant ramen in Japan. Unfortunately, it’s entirely in Japanese, but here’s a tip: click on the 2nd tab (next to “home”) on the top, then scroll down and click on the picture of each ramen to see the videos.

“Three Daly City men have been accused of stealing nearly $1.8 million worth of ramen noodles, rubber tires, barbecue grills and other consumer goods…” Yes, you read that right; part of their haul was a 53 foot trailer of ramen!

Would you buy a “ramen spoon”? What if it was designed by moma?

Since corn prices are sky-high, farmers are coping by giving cows cheaper feed such as instant ramen. Hmm…I’ve got three words…ramen. flavored. steak.

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  1. I love ramen noodles very much. I like Japanese style and Korean style ramen. However, in the supermarkets in Washington D.C. area, ramen noodles on the shelf are really American food. Anyone know where I can find authentic Japanese or Korean ramen?

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