world\'s smallest ramen bowl
So we all know what a big bowl of ramen looks like. What about a microscopic bowl? An engineering professor and his students at the University of Tokyo have created the world’s smallest bowl of ramen, complete with (unedible) “noodles” that are only 1/12,5000th of an inch long and 1/1.25 millionth of an inch thick. Compare that with a human hair, which is on average, only 4/1000th of an inch thick.

The ramen bowl was created “for fun” using carbon nanotubes, which are microscopic tube shaped pieces of carbon. No word on what kind of soup base was used, and unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any toppings or chashu. As soon as we come across a nice microscopic plate of gyoza to go along with the ramen, you’ll be the first to know!

Thanks to tamade38 for the heads up!

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