“If there’s no ramen, udon, or soba shop in your neck of the woods, there will be soon.” Woo hoo! 2009 food predictions from epicurious.

Winter time is ramen time in Fukuoka, though I have to admit, I’ve never seen the phrase the “
love hotel of ramen restaurants
” used before!

Is Asa Ramen in Gardena a “slurper’s paradise“?

The “ramen queen” talks about ramen in Vancouver, Canada.

Could a place called Tokyo Ramen in Sydney, Australia be good?

What do South Korea, ramyeon (korean ramen), cigarettes, and condoms have in common?

Some brave soul tries natto at Santouka ramen.

What does the owner of “the first sake brewery restaurant outside of japan” in Minneapolis want for his last meal? Why ramen of course!

Not even a dancing stormtrooper can resist ramen in the Wintertime.

A dollar a day diet with instant ramen. Sounds almost too easy!

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