Cup Noodle fanatics rejoice (at least if you’re in Japan. Cup Noodle fans in other countries can simply sulk in the corner)! Enter the My Vending Machine contest before the end of March to win one of 3000 home Cup Noodle vending machines!

I’m not sure what the point is: if pouring hot water into a styrofoam cup isn’t challenging enough for you, this rube goldberg machine is right up your alley. Frankly, I don’t care that it’s not particularly practical. I would definitely eat more Cup Noodles if I had one of these. I want one!

cup noodle vending machine

via Trends in Japan

8 thoughts on “cup noodle vending machine”

  1. @John Kim & Dennis: Isn’t it cool? I can only wish that they’ll have a similar contest here. Hmm…I wonder if I’ll be able to buy one off ebay after they give them out…

    My wife was speculating about whether or not it takes real 100 yen coins or if it took a plastic token or something. I wonder what would happen if you didn’t have a coin or lost the token? 😉

  2. @Jacob: I could’ve sworn I saw one on ebay before. Maybe set an alert for “Cup Noodle” or something. Good luck! Let us know if you’re successful!

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