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Hakata Ramen Shin-Sen-Gumi in Fountain Valley is offering their $3 ramen anniversary special again this weekend! Doors open at 11:30am and the special is limited to the first 550 customers. As anyone who’s ever been there knows, there’s usually a long wait even when they’re not having any specials. Get there early, and good eating!

18315 Brookhurst St., #1
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Phone: (714) 962-8971

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2 thoughts on “five…five dollar…five dollar—no, it’s $3 ramen!”

  1. I think our local ramen shop in Vancouver, BC Kintaro recently offered an even better deal for their 10th anniversary. Each miso ramen bowl and order of gyoza could be had for the incredible price of $2 each.

    Mind you, I did wait in line in the freezing cold for 2 hours, but it was worth it.

  2. @holly: how is Kintaro? I’ve heard good things about it. And waiting in line for 2 hrs in the cold…man…us 75 degree southern Californians are a bunch of weaklings! I bow down to you!

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