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For those of you in the Bay Area next week, what’re you doing Wednesday night? If you’re a ramen fan, the answer should be “I’m gonna be at the For the Love of Ramen event! Duh!” That’s right, next Wednesday the 24th, the Asian Culinary Forum is hosting a panel of “noodle experts who will explore how a dish born of extreme need after World War II was transformed into a meal of luxury, endless regional specialties, and then, finally, an iconic convenience food that so many of us crave.”

Join panelists Eric Nakamura, publisher and co-editor of Giant Robot magazine, Andy Raskin, author of the Ramen King and I, George Solt, assistant professor of history at New York University, and Thy Tran, director of the Asian Culinary Forum, at the San Francisco Ferry Building for a night of fun, education, and Japanese nibbles and drinks.

You can register online for the forum. Admission is $20, or $15 for full-time students with an ID. Over 70 people have already registered, so get there early to get the best seat in the house!

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  1. Wish I could go, sounds like fun…Too bad something like food network doesn’t cover little events like this. but who knows maybe i’ll be able to find clips on youtube after it happens.

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