Even the L.A. Times likes Ramen California

So why haven’t you tried Ramen California yet?

Stick a Fork In It reviews “the Ramen Girl”

Everyone is still wild about Ivan Ramen

SF Gate writes up Ramen House Ryowa

The Hour interviews Andy Raskin, author of the Ramen King and I

Ramen in a Box is much better than it sounds

Looking for the Best Japanese Ramen in Seoul, Korea?

I had no idea you could write a dissertation on ramen!

I am trying to eat at every ramen shop in the greater Takadanobaba / Waseda “ramen challenge zone.” Those are small cities in the Tokyo area. Guess how many ramenyas there are in those “small cities”? 80. Yes, 80.

2 thoughts on “catching up on a sunday links”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout and linking my blog! I recalculated, and now I think there are about 100 (!!) ramen shops in the area, which isn’t even a separate city, just a single neighborhood in Tokyo. And two new shops are getting ready to open next week! 70 down, 30 to go…

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