ramen robotMomozono Robot Ramen isn’t just another ramenya in Japan. Shop owner Yoshihara Uchida had a dream, and 20 million yen and 7 years later, he’s got…a robot…that cooks ramen! The noodles are still cooked by a human, but the robot blends the customized soup (customers can choose from about 40 million different combinations of soy sauce, salt, soup strength, and other soup aspects) and puts the noodles, soup, and toppings together in about two minutes.

Looks like all I need is 20 million yen…oh, and handmade noodles…oh yeah, and maybe a soup recipe…sigh, guess I’ve got a ways to go before I can have a fresh bowl of ramen every day…

source: the mainichi daily news via the official ramen homepage and gizmodo

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