ajisen instant ramen

Now you can enjoy Ajisen Ramen at home! The globe-spanning Ajisen Ramen chain now has their very own kumamoto nama ramen! I don’t usually mention price in my reviews, but it bears noting that Ajisen’s nama ramen is the most expensive nama ramen I’ve seen, at just under $7 for a pack of 2. Another interesting thing about this nama ramen is that the 2 noodle servings are not individually packaged as every other brand’s nama ramen is: you’re going to need to eat both servings relatively soon after you open the package.

ajisen instant ramen

Ajisen’s nama ramen broth is rich, slightly nutty with a distinct sesame seed flavor. I was surprised at how flavorful the broth was. The hard and thin noodles, on the other hand, had no character, and doesn’t absorb the soup very well. The MSG-sensitive may also have issues with the heavy MSG flavor in this ramen.

On the plus side, the packaged ramen tastes remarkably similar to the in-store ramen. I’m not sure what that says about the ramen they serve in the restaurants, but this is a tasty, if overpriced nama ramen.

Ajisen Ramen’s nama ramen gets a 6.5 out of 10, with a half-point deducted for the price and for not wrapping both batches of noodles individually.

ajisen instant ramen

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