ramen box

I don’t often shill for web sites that sell instant ramen (though there are links off on the side for anyone in need), but this is a neat idea. It’s simple…and the picture above is pretty self-explanatory: you choose the size of the “Ramenbox,” fill it with your choice of instant ramen, pay a flat fee based on the Ramenbox size, and wait for the delivery guy! It looks like you can even earn free ramen by writing reviews and submitting pictures and videos.

To be honest, this might be less appealing to anyone who lives near an Asian supermarket. But if you don’t have any local sources for instant ramen, or you want to customize your own variety pack, or you just like the idea of coming home to a Ramenbox on your doorstep, check it out. Heck, this would be a great gift as well for any instant ramen fan.

I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but they were kind enough to offer our readers a 10% off coupon! Just use coupon code ramenramenramen when you check out.

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