Who’s seen Tampopo, raise your hand? How about the Ramen Girl? And who’s heard of Udon, the movie?

“Udon,” which came out in Japan several years ago but somehow never made it to the States, will be premiering at the L.A. Film Festival on June 19. It may not be about ramen, but this sumptuously filmed movie about the next best thing will have you craving a bowl of noodles. See why award winning food critic Jonathan Gold chose this as the food-themed movie to present.

For details and tickets, go to the Los Angeles Film Festival web site, or call 1-866-FilmFest (1-866.345.6337).

3 thoughts on “udon, the movie. at last.”

  1. Hard to beat Tampopo but I really enjoyed Udon the movie. It would be neat to see it in the theater. By the way there’s a Sanuki Udon DVD out narrated by Nanchan (of UnNan). It was really nerdy great! Was taken in a first person food video blogger sort of perspective. Lots of udon porn.. cheers.

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