I gotta say, it doesn’t look all that appetizing, but wait for the surprise at the 3:45 mark. A bowl of ramen in under 30 seconds, and all for just 300 yen!

via Japan Probe

2 thoughts on “ramen vending machine”

  1. not having to wait an hour to eat nidaime tsujita like the kanda store has got to be worth an exta half point at least. 😛
    Have you tried any similar tasting shops in tokyo like rokurinsha or fuunji? Just curious.

    1. @gerald: I went back to Tsujita the next day early evening and it was empty! You know, I’ve been to Tokyo over a dozen times and I’ve eaten at lots of ramenya, but that was ages ago when I didn’t know anything. I’ve yet to eat at the really popular ramenyas in Tokyo except Shinasobaya.

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