This web site just reached it’s 6th birthday last month and it’s about time for a new look. We’ve been working hard on this redesign for a few weeks and hope you like it. It’s cleaner, more spacious, and hopefully a bit faster to load. If you’re reading via rss, feel free to click over and take a peek. There’re still a few tweaks we’re working on, and there may be a few bugs to quash, so please be patient with us if things get a bit wonky.

And now the contest: let us know what you think. If you hate it, let us know. If you love it, let us know. If you wish we could’ve made the site into the shape of a bowl of ramen (wha–?), as someone who shall remain nameless suggested, let us know…on second thought…maybe not. Leave a comment below between now and next Tues the 22th (2/22/11!), and we’ll pick 2 random commenters to win a set ramen goods from our newly updated ramen boutique. The lucky winners will get a set of a lapel pin, magnet, and keytag in his or her choice of shoyu or tonkotsu flavors. You’re welcome to leave multiple comments, but only one entry will be counted per person. Good luck!

2/23/11 update: We have our winners! Congratulations to Jennifer and Kevin Mark! Thanks for your comments, everyone!

11 thoughts on “welcome to our new look…and a contest!”

  1. I think the banner needs a better picture….of RAMEN! but overall I like the new “clean” design

    1. Oh wait. I must correct myself. I thought the banner was static but the images change. Perfect!

  2. I read the rss feed, so have not been here in a while. But I associate ramen with the rainbow of ramen-colored items: green scallions, red paste, seaweed bits, japanese bowls of various bright colors, wooden utensils. So I was expecting more ramen-related bits around the frame of the page.

  3. Just saw the purple cauliflower on your banner graphics and knew it had to be from Ramen California. Love it. The Sites nice, clean and quick, but has some formatting issues near the bottom with Firefox.

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