I usually don’t mention price when it comes to my reviews, but holy cow: 8 packs for 99 cents! That lowered my expectations quite a bit. But I was a bit surprised by what came out of the packet. Look, a real red pepper!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. The noodles were a bit on the skinny side and nothing too exciting, but the soup was pretty decent. I could barely smell shrimp, but the tangy, slightly sour soup was nice and light, and just a bit spicy.

Not bad…not bad. Crying Tiger’s spicy chili shrimp ramen gets a slightly above average 6 out of 10. Ok, I’ll tack on an extra half point for the red pepper. 6.5.

7 thoughts on “ramen rating: crying tiger spicy chili shrimp ramen”

  1. You know, I’ve had many people ask me wherer to get this and if I would review it. Where does this stuff hail from? – The Ramen Rater

  2. our noodles were rancid, the seasoning packs were good, but not the noodles themselves

  3. how do i contact crying tiger to complain? i cooked 2 packets of the beef ramen and both tasted rancid, now this morning my mom and i both have diarrhea and food poisoning.

  4. I don’t know if this is the one, but around the year 2010 I found something like this in a clear package. It just had the noodles and seasoning packet at the time. It was a little spicy and pretty peppery, but somehow tasted Lightly Flavored. Compared to the Top Ramen I usually, this is still my favorite packaged Ramen from what I remember! I am going to try and buy these again and see if they match the flavor profile from the original.

    I’m here because of a comment from Reddit.com due to a post I made looking for this (possible) Brand.
    So thank you and them for sharing.

  5. Hi my name is walker and I’m trying to find some crying Tiger ramen noodles but can’t find them anywhere? Is there a way to order them online???

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