ramen in space

Actor Cliffton Collins, who played the Romulan Ayel from the 1st J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, is working on a ramen cookbook called “101 Ways To Cook Ramen – Prison Style.”

From his interview with startrek.com, he says:

It’s really a book for anybody that’s had a “Ramen Phase” in their life, so to speak. I’m really excited for this one, as its’ my first real venture in getting heavily involved with important charities. Some of the proceeds will be going to Father Greg Boyles’ Homeboy Industries…The stories/lessons learned while incarcerated are both eye- and heart-opening. That said, we also have quite a few awesome guest recipes from fellow actors/musicians/directors who have also done a little time…Every recipe has its own tale or moral, so it’s kind of self-help/how-to-survive-in-prison book.

I was thinking back on Ayel’s time in Star Trek. There’s a scene deleted from the original movie that MAY be in the deleted scenes on Blu-ray, I’m not sure. But the scene is when Ayel and Nero were incarcerated, and I started to think, “Could Prison Ramen Spreads be so awesome that they’ll survive the future? And what would Ayel’s Ramen Spread consist of… Romulan Ramen.”

Hmm…Romulan Ramen…the natural hangover cure after a night of Romulan ale?

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