Cup Noodles will be celebrating their 45th birthday next month. Wow…45 years. Happy birthday, Cup Noodles!

I bet people’ve been shanked for cigarettes before. But has anyone ever been shanked for ramen? Everyone’s seen how important cigarettes are to prisoners on tv and in movies, but now “…they have begun relying on ramen noodles—a cheap, durable food product—as a form of money in the underground economy.” I wonder what the exchange rate is for a brick of instant ramen?

Take a break from Pokemon Go, and have a bowl of Pokemon ramen!

Labor Day weekend Sept 2 and 3, check out L.A. Times’ “The Taste”, with…yep, you guessed, it…ramen!

Looking for ramen in the Twin Cities instead? The Mill City Museum hosts Ramen Attack, Artisan Edition, one of the biggest ramen festivals in the Midwest on Sunday Sept 25. Even Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen fame will be there!

Want a virtual date with Japanese idol singers while you slurp? You can at this Osaka ramen chain!

A ramen museum comes to Chicago!