Q-cup Kyushu garlic ramen

The made-in-Taiwan Q-cup ramen is a “Kyushu garlic” flavor (read tonkotsu and garlic) and features pig-faced naruto. I’ve always been a sucker for instant ramen with “piggy naruto”, though I never could figure out the relationship between pigs and naruto, but I digress.

The bowl ramen is barely half the size of most other bowl ramen, and is for anyone looking for a quick, light snack. Toppings are typical: corn, bits of carrots, cabbage, and green onions. And, oh, I think I found one small corn-kernel-sized piece of meat. The meat actually has a distinct pork flavor to it, unlike a lot of the “mystery meat” slices you get with some of the cheaper bowl ramen, and it tasted like an itsy-bitsy piece of salted hard ham.

Q-cup Kyushu garlic ramen

The noodles were typical instant ramen noodles, not the thinner noodles you’d expect with “Kyushu” ramen. They were a bit bland, and even though I accidently cooked them a bit longer than you’re supposed to (darn timer didn’t go off), the noodles didn’t absorb much of the soup flavors.

Q-cup Kyushu garlic ramen

The should-be-more kotteri soup was also a bit thin. It was very garlicky, but lacked more complex flavors and was even a bit on the watery side.

This average instant ramen should appeal to garlic-lovers and people with stomachs the size of peas. Q-cup Kyushu garlic ramen gets a middling 6 out of 10.

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  1. Hahahahaha. Love that pic in the middle! Is it called Q-cup cause it’s supposed to be Q-te? Hey I got a box of Kurume Taiho for you to try! We should meet up.

  2. http://www.rameniac.com/forum/viewthread/83/


    Wednesday, July 16, 2008
    Ramen should not be spelled with an R nor pronounced with an R sound. It is a huge mistake. It’s LAMEN.

    Ramen should not be spelled with an R nor pronounced with an R sound. It is a huge mistake. Ramen should not be spelled with an R nor pronounced with an R sound. It is a huge mistake.


    I am on a campaign to get the world outside Japan to start spelling ramen as lamen, itís correct spelling, and to get people to say the word as ďla menĒ itís correct way, not the Japanese mistake of RAMEN. Since the Japanese do not have a R sound or R letter in their culture, they mistakingly changed the word they took from the Chinese in China and HK and Taiwan and turned it, incorrectly I might add, into RAMEN. No way. Itís lamen, always was and always will be.

    So how to get the world to wake up and say the word and spell it correctly.
    In English. In nihongo, itís fine, in katakana hiragana, fine. But not in English: ramen is wrong wrong wrong. We donít spell LOVE as ROVE, we donít spell LUCK as RUCK and we donít spell Linda and Rinda, do we? So we should change ramen back to the correct way. The Japanese made a collosal mistake. itís not too late to change it in English.

    Anyone want to help with this humorous yet serious quixotic crusade? Itís not anti-Japanese. I love Japan. Been there 5 years. love to eat ďramenĒ there. But in NYC and LA it should be spelled Lamen and called Lamen.

    email me with help offers and ideas:



  3. I love those piggy bits. I know a few people that would love to get a bowl of that as a gift, even if it is mediocre otherwise.

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