Recent ramen reviews and tidbits:

There’ve been a lot of reviews and news about Ippudo in New York City. Walking-ixus goes one step further and gives a behind-the-scenes look.

Join a “local girl” as she goes to Yotteko-Ya Ramen/Kyoto Ramen in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Have you ever wanted to combine ramen and sushi? Now, you can!

AsianWeek goes to Katana-Ya in upscale Nob Hill in San Francisco.

Is Kintaro the best ramen in Vancouver? Read Eat, Snap, Repeat for the details.

Everyone’s so focused on Ippudo in NYC. What about Ramen Setagawa?

Even the Associated Press knows that “Ramen noodles are hotter than ever”. Read what they, and AP darling Rameniac has to say about our favorite food!

2 thoughts on “ramen roundup”


    an EMAIL from a veteran language man, a reporter/editor in NYC:

    Dear Tampopo,

    What a GREAT question you raise here!

    I suspect—but have no reason to know—that this happened a lot with other transliterations as well.

    You may have to concede this one, though.

    Every English dictionary I can find—including the venerable Oxford English Dictionary—accept “ramen” with no qualifications.

    Only Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary lists an alternate spelling, and it won’t make you happy, either: “Also called larmen.”

    (There, is however, a restaurant in Greenwich Village called Tokyo Lamen.)

    When the horse is that far out of the barn, there’s no going back.”

    [TAMPOPO ADDS: But this editor also said that maybe this lamen/ramen brouhaha is worth discussing, if only to see where it leads…. Yes, let’s see where this discussion leads. Chances of getting the English speaking world to change the spelling of RAMEN to the correct LAMEN are slim, very slim, quixotically slim, impossibly slim, slin as a LAMEN noodle, but hey, let’s try. That’s what language is all about: trying to set things right!]

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