ramen final four - sweet sixteen

…they met behind the bleachers for their secret rendezvous. Their hungry mouths met passionately. A smell of hot tonkotsu lingered in the air. Oh, Maruchan! Your soup … it’s so wet! And your noodles…oh! They’re so slippery! Tear open your flavor packet now! —

Sorry, April Fools! We now return to your regularly scheduled program…

Maruchan Creamy Chicken vs. Maruchan Beef

Both Maruchan’s identical doughy noodles are evenly matched, but Maruchan Beef’s soup seems watery. It’s a watery beef broth that seems to have less of a MSG aftertaste but still more of a beefy flavor than Top Ramen Beef, which doesn’t help it this round. Maruchan Creamy Chicken isn’t that much better. Their chicken flavor is more of an aftertaste than the main focus. It’s also slightly watery, but still better than Maruchan Beef. Both schools are playing a defensive game, and both sides are taking their sweet time to score. In the end, it came down to the rebounds, and Maruchan Creamy Chicken had the the upper hand. Maruchan Creamy Chicken for the win!

Maruchan Oriental vs. Top Ramen Chicken

Maruchan Oriental suffers a mild injury in the first half with a distinctive ginger-like smell in the soup. Why does the soup smell like ginger? Top Ramen Chicken takes advantage and counters with a celery flavor in their soup. Maruchan Oriental was able to walk off the injury and continue the game, but it’s basic mild shoyu flavor with a slight hint of beef just couldn’t handle Top Ramen Chicken’s concentrated chicken flavor. Maruchan Oriental’s run-of-the-mill performance may not be a big detriment in the regular season, but it’s not going to get them very far in a tournament. Top Ramen Chicken wins!

Losing team scores:
Maruchan Beef: 4/10
Maruchan Oriental: 5/10

Feel like you walked into the middle of the tournament? Missing something? How did you get here? Start at the beginning!

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