ramen final four - elite eight

Sapporo Ichiban Beef vs. Sapporo Ichiban Original

There’ve been some interesting match-ups in this tournament, and this is no exception. The two darkhorses are battling it out this round. Both teams try to use their Sapporo Ichiban-ness against their opponent, and they just end up cancelling each other out. The two teams are almost identically matched: Sapporo Ichiban Beef’s pronounced beef-extract/powder flavor vs. Sapporo Ichiban Original’s more subtle, mellow flavor. It’s another overtime game! But it looks like Sapporo Ichiban Beef doesn’t have the endurance…its MSG quotient, not very noticeable at first, accumulates and creeps up, slowing them down. After a grueling game, Sapporo Ichiban Original wins in OT!

ramen final four - elite eight

Top Ramen Chili vs. Maruchan Roast Beef

The last game of this round pits top-seeded Top Ramen Chili against Maruchan Roast Beef. While both teams have a bbq component to their flavors, Top Ramen Chili also brings a certain spicy, savory flavor to the table, with a touch of paprika taste. Tasty. But that’s just barely enough against Maruchan Roast Beef, with actual beef bits in the soup (or did it just not dissolve all the way?). Its beefiness just edges out Top Ramen Chili’s chili-ness and Maruchchan Roast Beef is going to the Final Four!

Losing team scores:
Sapporo Ichiban Beef: 6/10
Top Ramen Chili: 5.5/10

Feel like you walked into the middle of the tournament? Missing something? How did you get here? Start at the beginning!

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