final four - semifinals

Maruchan Roast Chicken vs. Maruchan Roast Beef

We’re down to the final four, and it’s the battle of the Maruchan roast meats! The referees are drooling in anticipation. Maruchan Roast Beef puts its best beefy foot forward. Their soup could probably be used for an au jus sauce. Mmm…I’d dip my roast beef sandwich in this. Maruchan Roast Chicken goes for nuance and balance. It’s like a light chicken soup with a touch of celery salt flavoring. They’re both quite good for a brick ramen, but Maruchan Roast Chicken’s slightly more sophisticated taste is moving on to the final two!

final four - semifinals

Top Ramen Chicken vs. Sapporo Ichiban Original

Chicken seems to be the dominant force in this tournament. Can Top Ramen Chicken make it a “chicken championship”? Top Ramen Chicken has a more straightforward-chicken-soup broth and also has that distinct celery flavor. Sapporo Ichiban Original, on the other hand, is…well, original. It’s mildly onion-y, mildly white-pepper-y, mildly shoyu-y, and mildly miso-y. Both of these contenders are tasty, and Top Ramen Chicken and Sapporo Ichiban Original are battling neck and neck to go on to the championship. If Top Ramen Chicken was just a bit less salty, they might’ve beaten their opponent, but Sapporo Ichiban Original wins this round!

Losing team scores:
Maruchan Roast Beef: 6/10
Top Ramen Chicken: 6/10

Feel like you walked into the middle of the tournament? Missing something? How did you get here? Start at the beginning!

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    1. @Sigmate: I guess I know who you’re rooting for! (I thought your website looked familiar…I’ve been following your RSS feed. Good stuff!)

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