Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks for ramen news…

A new ramen called Soup for S****—what th–?!

The Ramen Rater has hit his 500th review and he’s still going strong!

L.A.’s Tsujita is finally open, but they’re not serving ramen yet. And Ikemen makes its Hollywood debut. via Huffington Post

West Covina now has a Michelin star ramen house?! Sorry, sorry. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up. Does having a chef that used to work at Michelin star restaurants count? You’ll have to visit Fujin Ramen and decide for yourself.

NYC gets yet another ramenya. Misoya is now open.

Madison Wisconsin, home of Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar in a converted 1880’s house.

Oh, wait, NYC gets yet another one. Tabata Noodle Restaurant in midtown.

Print your own ramen. Wait–print your own ramen?!

I guess I’m not done with New York yet. Chuko is now open in Brooklyn.

DC’s Saturday pop-up ramenya disguises themselves as Senor Chicken.

Ever want to hear Paula Deen say “rahmen noodles“?

And finally, back to L.A., Ramen Yamadaya is set to open a 3rd location this November.

…now I can watch the Amazing Food Truck Race in peace.

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